October 3, 2022
Creator Convo: How Genuine Recs can Pay off with Maya Asher

“Alright I’ve seen this video, please delete it before this brand gets sold out!". A comment section that looks like this is a tell-tale sign of social content that has reached its target audience and is about to go viral.

That's just a glimpse of the power that social media and creators have on influencing how and what consumers shop for. 82% of consumers reported relying on social media to decide what to buy. At the same time, consumers are also growing tired of being given recommendations that have brand influences in the background - their trust index, particularly towards celebrities and larger influencers, is going down. They want real opinions, from real people, unbiased by brands.

Maya Asher, a nate creator and social strategist who shares genuine recs online, spills how she taps into the perks of the creator economy without compromising her values, and building an authentic connection with her audience.

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