saving the web. 
one neural network
at a time.

nate is an intelligent assistant entrusted by millions of people to perform actions on their behalf, saving time and energy when transacting online.

Nate in action

intelligent automation.

An assistant learning to buy any item on any site without human intervention.

Don’t let algorithms tell you what to buy or where to go. Browse, explore, get inspired, and decide for yourself. Once you’ve decided, nate will take care of it. Humans decide. Machines execute. Not the other way around.

why nate rocks.


Deep learning enables generalization and scalability. Dumb bots are so last season.


We like it when things work. With 100% accuracy on anything we deploy.


Data belongs to people, not companies. We make sure it stays that way.


you do the shopping. i'll do the checkout.

No matter where you make the decision, nate can execute it.

People do the stuff they do because they explore the world from all sorts of angles. A friend’s text. Social feeds. A voice assistant. Magazines. Anywhere you are. Name it.

nate can do it.