nate Services Terms 
These terms apply between NATE INC (”nate”) and you when you use nate’s services and features as described in these terms (the “Services”). You sign up for the Services by accepting these terms. 

Humans decide and machines execute. Algorithms shouldn’t tell you what to buy or where to go. Browse, explore, get inspired, decide for yourself, nate takes care of the rest. You do the shopping, nate does the checkout. These terms explain in more detail what this means.

1. Execution of orders & Autofill
We want you to have a seamless experience. To do so, we will store some information about you such as your name, email, shipping and billing information. We do this so that you can focus on the important stuff: browsing and choosing while our machines deal with the boring stuff. We keep your information secure. We don’t share it with third parties, and we won’t drop cookies on any website.

2. Card details and Security
Trusting your assistant is great, but not having to is even better. We never have access to your full payment details, we simply charge your card when you use our services. When buying something on your behalf, we use our own credit card, generating a single-use virtual credit card number. That way, things stay between us. The merchant charges our virtual card, and then we charge your personal card. You can add and delete as many cards as you want, and pick which one you want us to charge for each purchase. For now, we only accept credit cards with US billing.

3. Refunds
With nate, refunds are a breeze. When nate executes a purchase, it will use your email address, allowing the merchant to send you the order number. When you request a refund, the merchant will refund the virtual card nate created for you, and nate will then transfer the money onto your real card. Everything is automatic, nate deals with it so that you don’t have to!

4. nate App
The nate app allows you to keep track of your purchases and use all the other great features nate offers. You can pay for products or services, change your shipping and billing details, swap cards, and monitor your purchase history, if you want to pop us a message you can do that too via the in-app chat. Some of these features are activated by downloading the app while others can be activated by you after login. The exact content of features can differ between different country versions of the nate App. nate updates the nate App continuously with new features. 

Here are a number of features we are most proud about: 

As a user you can:
     - Add and Delete any Credit or Debit Card
     - Choose what product you want to buy from any platform and delegate the purchase to nate
     - View your current and past purchasesPay for your purchases
     - See details of the product before you execute the buy command
     - Be notified when there is an issueYour card data isn’t shared with merchants or third parties
     - Chat with our customer service team anytimeInvite a friend to skip the waitlist and start buying with nate
     - Choose which card you want billed for a specific purchase

5. Are there any costs for the Services?
For now, we’re allowing you to try all of our services for free.

6. Show historical transactions
nate stores information about your previous purchases and transactions. By accepting these terms you agree that we may use this data in order for us to display these transactions to you, and make future purchases even simpler. 

7. Improvement of the Services
We constantly work to improve our Services in order for you to get an even smoother user experience. This may require changes to these terms. In this case, you will be asked to accept the new terms before you can continue to use the Services.

8. Privacy and your personal data
Please see our Privacy Notice for further details regarding our processing of your personal information and more information about your rights regarding your data. You can also find our contact details should you have any questions.

9. Your obligations
You shall always provide correct information and use your own and correct identity. Any use of information that does not belong to you or that you for other reasons are not authorised to use, or the use of the Services in a non-prescribed way, will be seen as a misuse. Any data relating to misuse or suspected misuse may be saved and used for future risk assessment and for the protection of involved parties. nate reserves the right to block the Services from further usage. If you upload or share content to nate, you grant nate a royalty-free right to use and display the content for purposes of delivering the Services. We have the right to remove any content uploaded or shared by you if we are required by law, or believe it is offensive, inappropriate, unlawful, violating the rights of others, or otherwise objectionable. You are liable for any content uploaded or shared by you.

10. Third party services
Some features used by you, for example tracking packages, may include services provided by a third party.

11. Duration and termination of this agreement
This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time. It applies until it is terminated by you or us and can be terminated at any time.