Software Engineer - ML Team


about the role

nate helps people transact with the web by automating the boring bits. Single-click checkout, automated form filling and automated metadata extraction.

We achieve this by training models that parse the web and predict where and how they should interact with a website to achieve an objective.
A big challenge in this area is how to collect human interactions, as they are performing daily web browser tasks, to train our models and how once a model does make a prediction, best to orchestrate it's execution. You will work with us to build and maintain these tools and their APIs.

To tackle this challenge you will be part of the automation team, a cross-functional team of data scientists and engineers. Whether it's through your past experience with webdrivers or you wish to delve into new, innovative approaches towards web automation or just fascinated with how web browsers work and how machines can learn to interact with them.


about you

We need you to:

  • Work as part of a cross-functional team of data scientists and engineers to continue to identify and implement ways to improve our web automation execution services
  • Bring your knowledge and experience of web automation to take our web automation execution services to the next level
  • Develop clean, reusable and modular code for web automation services

This is what we think you'll need:

  • Good knowledge of Python
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ability to understand the inner workings of web pages and web apps.
  • Knowledge of http protocols, and how the web works.

These are the nice to haves:

  • Experience with web scraping/automation libraries: (Selenium, Puppeteer, Phantom, etc..)
  • Experience writing web services and api’s.


  • Work title freedom
  • Personal growth Fridays
  • Massage therapy sessions
  • Group guided meditations
  • Team building trips
  • Global AI events and conferences
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks
  • Unlimited time off
  • Competitive compensation

let's do this.