Senior Backend Engineer - Automation


about the role

As we grow and scale as a company, we are looking for a Senior Backend engineer passionate about understanding and building systems that can neatly interact with the web.

You will have experience in building backend services and API that interact with large pools of data whilst delivering high availability and performance and want to apply that knowledge to help nate in its mission to automate ecommerce purchases at scale.

It means working with a team of motivated individuals who are as passionate about the future of commerce and artificial intelligence as we are. And it also means being an equity-holder, a doer, a risk-taker, a leader and an example to others.

what you will be doing:

  • Building and maintaining systems that interact with our product catalog
  • Maintaining and expanding storage services for products, purchases and training data
  • Writing, testing and deploying APIs and other backend services
  • Working with other teams across the business to integrate services with their systems
  • Solving challenges around data collection and execution of automated purchases
  • Investigating the challenges of scaling and optimising purchase automation services
  • Collaborating and aligning with Product

about you

  • Extensive experience with Python and frameworks like Django, FastAPI and Flask
  • Experience with Kubernetes and AWS cloud infrastructure (and/or Azure or GCP)
  • Experience with unit and integration tests
  • Knowledge or exposure with complex multi-service integration testing to support QA
  • Confident with API performance and optimisation
  • Solid experience in Software Development, Design and Architecture
  • Creativity in problem solving, algorithmic thinking and ability to take initiative
  • Openness to help teammates grow and achieve their goals

If you don't meet all the requirements but think you might still be right for the role, please apply anyway. We're always keen to speak to people who connect with our principles.


  • Absolute work title freedom
  • Personal growth Fridays
  • Massage therapy sessions
  • Group guided meditations
  • Team building trips
  • Global AI events and conferences
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Competitive compensation

let's do this.