qa automation engineer


about the role

First and foremost, you don’t have to call yourself a QA Engineer. Do you prefer Quality Guru? Test Boss? Head of Avocado Toasts? Happy Hour Manager? Director of Emotional Intelligence? You name it. If you can back it up, we’ll agree. We call this the absolute work title freedom. And we’re proud of it. What you do need to do is to help us build a killer business.

This means creating systems that make people happy, by automating, improving or replacing old-fashion processes. It also means working with a team of motivated superheroes who are as passionate about the future of commerce and artificial intelligence as we are. And it also means being an equity-holder, a doer, a risk-taker, a leader and an example to others.


about you

Look, we’re not looking for Superman; we’re looking for Deadpool. Superman is great at everything; Deadpool is good enough, at enough things, to change the world. Wonder Woman is even cooler than Deadpool. We heard she was a QA Engineer before discovering her superpowers. The point is: we want you to help us save the world, one neural network at a time. This is what we think you’ll need:

  • Responsibility and ownership of quality product delivery
  • Experience with black/white box QA
  • Experience with mobile and API QA
  • Knowledge of version control systems, and ability to navigate between branches of code comfortably
  • Ability to create test plans, define testing strategies, and get a kick out of uncovering those hard-to-find bugs
  • A passion for technology and a knack for details
  • Experience with automation frameworks preferred
  • Experience with SQL/NOSQL databases preferred
  • Experience with mobile automated UI testing
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills


  • Absolute work title freedom
  • Personal growth Fridays
  • Massage therapy sessions
  • Group guided meditations
  • Team building trips
  • Global AI events and conferences
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Competitive compensation

let's do this.