machine learning engineer


about the role

As a rapidly growing team we are looking for a master of the dark arts of MLOps, someone to own our machine learning pipeline.

To most data scientists, programming lasts exactly until something starts working.

Your passion should be in helping us deploy it to the real world. Applied ML. The unity of code, data, with a bit of DevOps.

We need you to:

  • Take the lead in helping our data science team produce clean, understandable and modular code.
  • Work as part of the team to identify performance bottlenecks, bad unit tests and data/model validation.
  • Bring about consistent deployments.
  • Monitor model performances and track experiments
  • Continuously seek out ways to make our ML workflow simple, robust and efficient.

about you

Sounds like you?

This is what we think you’ll need:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning or related field
  • Good knowledge of Python and programming concepts
  • Experience with software engineering practices like CI/CD, automated testing
  • Ability to write robust, defensive code, unit tests and python packages
  • Good foundation on data systems (data models, query languages, storage and retrieval)
  • Good knowledge of the linux command line and how to work in the cloud (e.g. AWS, GCP)
  • Experience in transforming data science prototypes into production-ready code for deployment
  • Previous interaction with one of ML frameworks like Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch is desired
  • Creativity in problem solving and algorithmic thinking
  • Openness to help teammates grow and achieve their goals

Desired but not essential:

  • Familiarity with building and scaling Natural Language Processing data pipelines


  • Absolute work title freedom
  • Personal growth Fridays
  • Massage therapy sessions
  • Group guided meditations
  • Team building trips
  • Global AI events and conferences
  • Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Competitive compensation

let's do this.