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pay later faqs
what actually is pay later?
Thanks for asking! It’s fun to talk about.
Pay Later lets you buy the things you want, when you want them. Instead of paying now, you pay later in 4 easy installments. And it works with every store on the web. Really.

how do i get in on this?
Head to Safari. Find something that makes you smile and share it to nate. Then tap ‘Payments’ and ‘Pay Later’. That’s it. nate will do the heavy lifting.

like bench presses?
Not exactly. More like splitting the cost of your purchase into 4 installments. The first will be withdrawn from your bank account right away. The others will happen every 2 weeks until payment is complete.

do i have to do anything else?
Nope. Find a beach to lie on. Preferably one with a taco shack. Payments are withdrawn automatically.

will i receive my purchase now? i’d like it now.
Wish = granted. Enjoy your purchase while you pay. Your order will be processed as soon as you tap ‘Pay Later’. Then the store will send it your way.

how do i check when my payments will be withdrawn?
Head to the Purchases tab. Tap the purchase you want to check. Your payment schedule will appear on screen.

can i change the date a payment is processed? i like tuesdays best.
Sorry. No can do. The calendar is locked from the date of purchase. Less mess. Less stress.

what happens if a payment fails?
nate will try again automatically, and a $10 charge will be applied to each failed installment. Don’t worry: nate won’t add more than $20 to a single Pay Later purchase. You won’t be able to make new purchases until your balance is settled.

can i delete my payment method from nate?
Not when you’ve got an outstanding balance. You’ll need to pay that first. Then head to ‘Payment’. Tap the account you want to delete. Press ‘Unlink Account’. Confirm to finish up.

what’s the catch? i’m guessing it’s an extra fee. am i right?
No catch. No interest. And no extra fees when you stick to your autopay schedule. If a payment fails, there’s a $10 Reactivation charge. The only other charge is the $1 to create a virtual card that’s applied to all nate transactions.

wait. why don’t i see my payments in my bank account?
Weekends and holidays are the best. But they can also get in the way. So sometimes it takes up to 3 days for payments to appear. Hold tight.

what happens if i want to return an item?
Follow the stores’ return instructions. If a refund is granted, nate will start processing it to your bank account. You’ll receive your refund in installments that match your Pay Later payments. They’ll reach you within 3 business days.

why didn’t i receive a refund for every paid installment?
They’re on the way! Pending installments sometimes take a little longer. If it’s been a week and you’re still missing a refund, contact our customer service team. They’ll help you get what you’re owed.

why aren’t my 4 installments exactly equal?
Sometimes a total charge doesn’t divide perfectly into 4. When that happens, nate adjusts your final payment to make up the difference. Or maybe the store modified the total. That can happen once they’ve calculated shipping and taxes. But don’t sweat it. nate changes your last installment so everything adds up.

why was i charged the full amount straight away?
Pay Later is only offered on purchases over $50. Purchases under $50 are charged in full.